BlueNotes Info


BlueNotes was founded in 1996 by

Oliver Klammt (Piano, vocals and

composition) and Heike Nürnberg

(vocals and lyrics). The Duo com-

posed music styled for the Jazz bar

and became a trio with the addition in 1997 of the cellist Andres Hass.In 1997 they debuted more




BlueNotes is:

Heike Nürnberg & Oliver Klammt

and the Apple 17“ Mac Book Pro

BlueNotes presents:

specially selected and cleverly arranged classics as well as original  jazz, blues, soul and pop.

With a lot of feeling, dynamics and extraordinary range BlueNotes elevates every listener to the highest level.

Listening pleasure is guaranteed!

Whehter for full-length concerts, corporate events, private events, galas or as a stylish concert for a cocktail hour, BlueNotes turns ordinary events into musical delights.

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About BlueNotes