(Composition, Keyboards,

Arrangements, Vocals, Bandleader and Lyrics)


.....has worked for more than thirty five years as a musician, songwriter, producer, singer, keyboarder, sound engineer and bandleader for many groups and projects. He has worked together with Pinball, „Ulm for Afrika“ and „The Ulm Tape 85“ for the benefit of Karl-Heinz Böhm‘s „Menschen für Menschen“ (Klammt wrote, sung and played the Headliner Song - „This world for all“ with over 40 Musicians live on Stage in front of the sold out Dounauhalle with a sing along audience), Helmut Hattler, and Jan Friede, Joesi Prokopetz (Werner Müller) Robbi and Friends, Kinderzimmer Productions, „Weeland“ (Patrick Wieland), the Schleier Hirt Duo, the well-known New Yorker Bass Baritone Timothy Breese (Raoul in "Phantom of the Opera“) and the Bonus Track „If I can‘t love her“ from the Album „Broadway to Berlin“ and „The Ulm Recordings“, the swedish pop rock band Itchycoo, Tobias Korner a bass player from L.A and his Project soulbox, Andy Suhsemihl and friends, Anthony Zaro, pro akustik-Michael Thielesch  an the CD „Hören macht Glücklich“. Last but not least the band "Die Sterne" or Live support for Katie Melua or for the movie "Verschwende deine Jugend", Purpendicular feat. Ian Paice (Deep Purple ) and Tony Carey and the Album „Venus to Volcanus“Klammt leaves his signature in every detail of the projects.